Learn The Fundamental Skills and techniques needed for CrossFit

Before you start on your CrossFit journey it is important for you to get to grips with the fundamental skills and techniques of CrossFit.  

The Prep course will teach you everything you need to know to participate in mainstream classes. It will give you the foundation and confidence to feel at ease when attending classes.

Don’t worry, one of the coaches will always go over technique at the start of each class.

Each prep course lasts 5 sessions building in technical difficulty as the course progresses.

All sessions must be attended to ensure you don’t miss out on any vital information. If you can’t make any for whatever reason one of our coaches will get you caught up so you can complete the prep course with the gang you started with.

The course will cover the content listed below:

  1. The Squat

  2. The Front Squat

  3. The Overhead Squat

  4. The Press

  5. The Push Press

  6. The Push Jerk

  7. Snatch
  8. The Deadlift

  9. Clean

You will also learn lots more techniques that will build your confidence when it comes to participating in the CrossFit classes and even competing.

  1. Box Jump

  2. Kettlebell swing (Russian / American)

  3. Wall balls

  4. Toes to Bar

  5. Kipping Pull Up

  6. Double Unders

  7. Mobilisation Techniques    

Ready to discover what you are capable of?

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