Rob - Trainer
Physiotherapy BHSc, CrossFit Gymnastics, CrossFit Kids, Crossfit Scaling
Level 1
Level 2 ★★
How did you find CrossFit?
My wife and I started CrossFit together in 2013 and had to travel to Harrogate as there was none in York! We loved that it was something that we could do together but with our own space, and both of us had things we were good at or needed to work at in equal measure!
What do you like about CrossFit?
What I love about CrossFit is how inclusive it is. No matter what the workout is in CrossFit, there is always a way of tailoring it to make it the right challenge for you; regardless of your level of fitness, experience, age, disability or skill level. It's an addictive lifelong challenge continuously learning, bettering yourself and spending time with ambitious and uplifting people.
What do you like to do outside of the gym?
I play a bit of bass and guitar and enjoy a bit of amateur carpentry! I also work as a physiotherapist and a chronic pain specialist for the NHS.
Guilty pleasure
First dates - quality bit of tv! And secret eating (sshh)