Jonathan - Trainer
Therapist / Gymnastics and Mobility Coach, 200hr Yoga Teacher , Sports Physical Therapy BSc
Personal Training
Level 4 ★ ★ ★ ★
British Gymnastics
Level 1
Military Fitness Instructor
Level 2 ★ ★
How did you find CrossFit?
Jonathan found CrossFit from the American Marines in 2011 whilst on tour in Afghanistan, he then competed in intra military competitions once back in the UK. When Jonathan left the Royal Marines in 2013 to go to University he started progressing the gymnastic movement he learnt in CrossFit and eventually took up Calisthenics.
What do you like about CrossFit?
What drew me to CrossFit in the first place was the diversity of the workouts, I had become sick of doing boring bodybuilding style workouts around my military fitness program, CrossFit helped me to improve my all-round fitness and challenge me in new ways. Even though I have moved more on to gymnastics side of things, I still enjoy the community and camaraderie that the box brings.
What do you like to do outside of the gym?
Jonathan works within professional sport outside of the gym, which does not give him a lot of free time, however he always finds the time to take his little nephew for walks around Stamford bridge.
Guilty Pleasure
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