What’s the difference between CrossFit Jorvik and a commercial gym?

Pretty much…. EVERYTHING. The only similarity with a CrossFit Box and a commercial gym is people have “Good Intentions” or a “goal” in mind, however with Joining a CrossFit gym you are more likely to achieve these.

Let.s break down and compare the journey of a commercial gym goer and a CrossFit goer……

Commercial Gym

Day 1:  “Oh would you just look at all this shiny equipment. Hey they even have a spa. Lovely. And the nice membership consultant said he would chuck in a free bag and water bottle (Lucky me!) I’m in and how much? £60 a month? OK for a minimum contract of 12 months? OK I’ll make myself go if I am committing that much. Not quite sure what I should do while I’m here though. Guess I’ll just go on the tread mill then maybe a swim”


How many people do you think join a gym and never go after the first month?? This figure is around 30%


Crossfit Jorvik

Day 1: “Popped down to CrossFit Jorvik had an opportunity to get involved in a WOD. £60 For an intro course, which will teach me all the techniques and fundamentals to help me in any future training. £85 Per month with no contracts. Sweet. Feel like I’ve really worked myself hard and made a whole new gang of mates. I saw this guy doing something real cool on the gymnastics ring and I want to come back and have a go myself. Coach said he would help me too”.

There is a reason why there is a very very small percentage of people that leave a CrossFit gym. You will have to come down and give it a try for yourself!

What is the On Ramp Course? And why do I have do to it?

Please click here to take you to the page where it goes into detail about the On Ramp.

CrossFit Jorvik is a bit costly, why does it cost so much?

Let’s break down these costs and what you’re getting for your money. Every session you attend is coached and your individual needs catered for by one of the coaches. All your sessions are planned out for you so there is no more wondering around a gym aimlessly unsure what to do.

Let’s look at this compared to a commercial gym. If you wanted this much attention to detail in your training you would have to hire a personal training 1 session per week would cost an average of £35 an hour. So that £140 per month (1 session per week), including membership that will take it to a minimum of £200 per month. If you look at it like that its cheap, what else do you gain? You get the chance to meet some great people and become a member of a great community and potentially even compete if you really want to test yourself against other crossfitters world wide.

I’m not that Fit, can I still do it? Maybe I should work on my fitness before I visit.

YES! of course you can. CrossFit is universally scale-able therefore you can reduce the amount of weight or break down the movement. CrossFit is for everyone!  Lots of people say there going to work on there fitness before they start then a few months go by and nothing changes. Why not just get involved and have a coach and a community of people behind you all the way.

Will it help me lose weight?

YES! Next question…

Lifting weights makes you “bulky.” I don’t want to get “bulky”

Its not easy to “bulk up”. Body builders male and female will dedicate their whole lives to increase their size its not easy to do.

If your a woman asking this question, men and women have a completely different hormonal make up. If your main goal is to improve body composition, lose fat, sports performance or just general fitness lifting weights is a MUST.

CrossFit is not about traditional weightlifting movements you may have seen people doing in the gym, its all about functional movements.

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