Why is CrossFit Jorvik so expensive?

Great question. Our membership prices workout out at £3.50 per session. We are only expensive if you don’t use us. When joining CrossFit Jorvik you are not just joining a gym, you are hiring a team of professionals to help YOU achieve your goals. You are also joining a fantastic fitness community.

Do I have to be mega fit to join?

Absolutely not. All workouts can be adapted to your needs and abilities. You just need to be consistent. We recommend training at least 3 times a week to see progress.

Can you help with Nutrition?

Yes we can, we understand the importance of Nutrition with health, aesthetics and performance.  Head coach Pete studied Nutrition at university and also is currently enrolled on MNU the most prestigious and recognised nutrition course in the world.

Do I have to do a beginners course?

No, we have restructured our classes making it easier for you to join straight into class. For the first 8 weeks of your membership you can go to Move, Work and Build classes. Once you have been a member for 8 weeks and you have built a solid foundation we will the take you through the more complex lifts ready for you to attend the TRAIN class.

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