Coming August 2017…

JORFIT is a beginner friendly, fun program designed to improve fitness through high intensity metabolic conditioning using simplified techniques compared to the mainstream CrossFit classes. We will use equipment such as Kettlebells, Wall-Balls, Slam-balls, Plyo boxes and Dumbbells. There is no need to attend a Prep Course as no experience or skill level is required in the JORFIT classes, just the desire to sweat and work hard.

JORFIT classes are for those who want to try CrossFit, but would like to avoid heavy lifting or technical movements. Working with the barbell can be intimidating and many athletes simply don’t have a desire to perform barbell movements or to lift heavy, and that’s okay!

Don’t be fooled, this programming isn’t easy. You’ll still perform high intensity functional movements, but you will be using equipment and movement patterns better suited for your goals and abilities. JORFIT provides members with the perfect opportunity to work on cardio and efficiency, while providing the same accountability and community atmosphere as CrossFit.

Every JORFIT class will be varied and coached by one of our highly qualified trainers ensuring you are moving correctly and ensuring you are getting the most from each session!

If you are struggling with child care your are more than welcome to bring your children with you to the session. All of our coaches are great with Kids and our admin manager loves slacking off to look after kids J

Who is it for?

JORFIT is geared towards those who:

  • Are intimidated by any of the notions they have of CrossFit.
  • Have had time off from a fitness program and want to start getting back into fitness.
  • Want to work on cardiovascular system, body awareness, and athleticism before focusing on strength or power.
  • Want to understand some about CrossFit at a slower pace.

Classes will be starting August 2017 most days at 10:30.

If you would like a free trial just submit an enquiry through the website or give us a call on 07791446397.